The Hunt for Wolf_Eyes

The Hunt for Wolf_Eyes
The Hunt for Wolf_Eyes, is a compelling character driven story that unleashes a cathartic experience of society’s thirst for transparency in the financial sector, as well as satisfies familial bonds that tie us together, interwoven into the backdrop of a suspenseful plot with relevance in today’s world of investment scandals, and cybercrime and criminology.

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A vigilante computer hacker set her sights on a Wall Street financier suspected of defrauding investors, including her parents, out of millions of dollars only to discover a shocking secret about her own past.

Twenty-two-year-old Alex Smyth, hacker name Wolf_Eyes, shares a unique trait with wolves: her eye color—something kids on the playground once teased her about, calling her Wolf Eyes and howling into the sky whenever she’d pass by. Those childhood taunts would steer her toward the virtual gaming world and hacktivism, righting wrongs done to society.

When Alex learns that her senior year at Stanford is placed on hold after a questionable investment her parents made suddenly wipes out their life savings, she sets in motion a complex plan to bring to justice the New York investment firm responsible, headed up by Frank Gordon, a well-respected philanthropist.

In her way stands Frank’s son, Alec Gordon, a third-year cybercriminology student with Sherlock Holmes–like instincts, working for a cybercrime task force bent on taking down hackers who hide out in the comfort of their homes wreaking wireless havoc on the world.

Alex’s and Alec’s common desire to uncover the truth exposes more than they bargained for, but will it matter by the time the digital dust settles?