On Sundays We Go Long

On Sundays We Go Long
Bound by running talent, five upwardly mobile, thirtysomething men juggle relationships, careers, heartaches, and technology’s pervasive reach, all the while training and racing together, pursuing cross-country club championship bragging rights.

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Meet the guys:
Gregarious loner Dillon Percy literally runs away with his dog, Miles, from a messy divorce and opens up a Bed, Run & Breakfast in Sonoma County, California, immersing himself in the inn’s restoration and operation with the aid of two quirky locals.

Chase Brandon hails from Wisconsin by way of New York, runs a small ad agency, and embraces technology to its fullest. Perpetually shirtless, single, and always the funny man, Chase hides behind brands, tech, and endless laps on the track, masking a deep pain.

US history high school teacher and cross-country coach, local running club president, and marathoner chasing an elusive Olympic trials qualifying standard, Spencer Lingard commits to everything in his life except marriage to his longtime cohabiting girlfriend.

Jim Greyson’s life has been filled with terrible misfortune . . . most of which never actually happened. His recent engagement, the accounting firm he works for being poised for a merger, and the exponentially increasing pace of life and technology leave no shortage of things for him to fret over while running.

Husband, father, self-employed landscaper, philosopher, poet, and devout trail runner who shuns timepieces and strict training schedules, Jake Dearborn personifies the life of the Code Hero.

Timely and soulfully satisfying, On Sundays We Go Long reminds us of our primal need to commune and enjoy the company of others in ways Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging cannot begin to replace.

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